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Mod Post #2

Sorry for the lack of updates lately each poster has had some personal things going on concerning school and family. But be on the lookout the next few days for new icons from me and Roxy. Soon you'll be seeing 2ne1 icons and Super Junior icons from me seeing as I JUST saw SuJu's new video and i'm loving it.

I promise we'll try to update more regularly :D
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Mod Post

The mods here at Asian Designs have decided to make all posts from now on members only.  All posts, starting after this one, will be locked after 72 hours.  All you have to do is join the community to view the posts.  Don't simply watch the community because you will only see certain posts like this one and the icon post of the day and nothing older.
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Here's a compiled list of resources each of the posters use.
We will try to edit this list as often as possible because i've completely forgotten where most of my resources came from since i'm just getting back into graphics.
Most older resources I have come from Red Carpet & Rebellion (before they were hacked) and Pandora's Closet.

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Request Post

If you know of an artist, model, actor, show, or movie that are not listed in our interests (on our profile) or in our tags, and would like to see some graphics of them please leave a comment at this post using the following form. We will get to the requests as soon as we can so check back often!

Each poster has different skills. We each make icons, signatures, wallpapers, and headers. Some more than others. We will each, whenever we can, post our own request posts for the named graphics. This is just a general request thread for asian entertainers, so a poster will be making a variety of graphics for any of the requested people, shows, or movies.

Occupation: (actor, singer, etc)
Where can we find pictures:
If you link any pictures please make sure they are coming from a site that offers high quality pictures.  It'll make it easier for us to make high quality graphics.

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